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Oulu is in the process of renewing the 3D -city model material and will be announced later.
The material on this site will no longer be updated.

OULU 3D -city model download page:

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- The models are based on the City of Oulu Survey Division's GIS data
- Models can be previewed and downloaded by clicking the shown map sheets (klehti 2000 GK26)
- Supported file formats are SketchUp v.2016, AutoCAD DWG v.2013 and jpeg for aerial images
- To view and modify the models you can download a free version of SketchUp Make here
- All files are compressed in .zip format; extract/decompress them before use
- Buildings are mainly in LOD1 level, City center partly in LOD2 level
- In LOD1 the buildings are "box models" raised to floor height without roof shapes
- LOD2-level models include roof forms based partly on point cloud materials
- Partly LOD2 building models are based on the Laatio Architects Oulu city center model
- Terrain images and jpg files are based on the Oulu 2012 aerial photographs
- All models include terrain model, which is based on the National Land Survey's laser scanning data
- Model files will be updated regularly few times a year, last updated Aug 10th 2017
- More Oulu city models can be found in SketchUp Warehouse
- Photogrammetric point cloud of Oulu center can be downloaded from here
- 6Aika city modeling project result presentation and materials available (in Finnish) here
- City of Oulu is not responsible of the accuracy of the models or possible harm caused by using them
- The models are freely available for download and use by the CC BY 4.0 license